Dealing With an IRS Audit

It is vitally important for a non-profit organization to tend to legal issues surrounding tax-exempt status. Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to possible investigations, challenges or audits from the IRS. An NPO that manages bookkeeping properly and ensures compliance with state and federal rules and regulations will be well prepared in the event of an IRS audit.

When a Tax-Exempt Organization Is Subjected to IRS Audit

Nonetheless, IRS audits and tax controversies are a fact of life from time to time. Individuals and businesses as well as non-profit entities need to prepare tax filings and maintain records as if an audit will happen at any time — even if this is a rare occurrence. Some non-profit organizations never face an IRS audit.

If, however, your NPO has received a notice of a pending IRS audit, our experienced attorneys are prepared to assist you, with the goal of a smooth audit and favorable resolution. Copilevitz & Canter, LLC, is a valuable resource for founders, organizers and managers of non-profit organizations seeking to steer clear of IRS audits — or to meet IRS audits head-on when they do occur.

Our lawyers provide advice, counsel, and representation to many tax-exempt organizations in connection with IRS audits and tax controversies, in such areas as challenges to the tax-exempt status to the organization, unrelated business income tax, and allegations that the organization provided an "excess benefit" to an "insider." We also defend tax-exempt organizations in Tax Court and federal district court in tax controversies.

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An IRS audit is one type of test that will confirm your organization's compliance with state and federal tax codes pertaining to non-profits. The Washington, D.C. and Kansas City law offices of Copilevitz & Canter, LLC, invite your inquiry on legal issues pertaining to non-profits. Contact us online to discuss tax exemptions and your organization's operating procedures.