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Nonprofit organizations may be subject to Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) 

Although tax-exempt, a nonprofit organization still may be liable for tax on unrelated business income. Tax-exempt organizations may be liable for federal income tax if they engage in a trade or business which is (1) regularly carried on and (2) unrelated to the exempt purpose of the organization.

Exempt tax law Advises NonProfits on UBIT

Managers of nonprofit organizations often require advice and assistance in distinguishing taxable from nontaxable income, and designing means to avoid unrelated business taxable income. Exempt Tax Law, PLLC, is dedicated to counseling and representing NPOs.

The firm welcomes the opportunity to advise and assist your nonprofit on any issues related to nonprofit organizations and unrelated business taxable income.  There are a number of exceptions to UBIT.  Exempt Tax law helps its clients understand what is UBIT and how to avoid UBIT. 

Exempt Tax Law, PLLC, invites your inquiry on legal issues that pertain to UBIT. Call or e-mail to discuss your organization's goals and