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Exempt Tax Law, PLLC provides legal services to nonprofit organizations which are tax-exempt under sub-sections of Internal Revenue Code 501, other than 501(c)(3). While the term, "501(c)(3) organization," is most recognizable, there are approximately 30 other categories of tax-exempt organizations. They serve varied and vital purposes.

NonProfit Organizations Other Than 501(c)(3) Organizations

They include such familiar types of organizations as trade associations and professional societies (501(c)(6)); civic leagues and social welfare organizations, (501(c)(4)); social clubs (501(c)(7)); fraternal beneficiary societies (501(c)(8)); domestic fraternal orders operating under the lodge system, e.g., Masons and Shriners (501(c)(10)); and veterans organizations (501(c)(19)).

The firm provides advice on federal tax laws applicable to all of these types of organizations.

Exempt Tax Law provides advice to its "non-501(c)(3)" clients on the same basis as it provides advice to its 501(c)(3) clients. The firm can design a budget-based monthly retainer or provide "a la carte" services on an hourly billing basis.