Effective, Experienced Counsel for Non-Profit Organizations

Law Firm Specializing in Representing Non-Profit Organizations: High-Quality Services and Affordable Fees

Are you considering starting a non-profit? Do it right the first time and seek help from a law firm that focuses almost entirely on doing this.

Our attorneys are highly experienced. Mac Canter and Errol Copilevitz have over 36 years of experience in advising non-profit organizations, and Mark Diskin has over 30 years of experience. Unlike many large law firms, we do not assign a team of junior attorneys to "learn on the job" while working on your matter. We have the experience, expertise, resources and archives to provide the answer you need, when you need it. We do not have to "reinvent the wheel."

Get It Right From the Start

Individuals who want to create non-profit organizations often turn to local, general practice law firms or paralegal services that advertise on the Internet or rely on do-it-yourself advice. For some, that works out. However, for many, it doesn't. Precious time is wasted, which often comes with a high price — in time and dollars. Many clients have come to us after having had less than satisfying experiences with lawyers and accountants who are not specialists in state and federal laws that uniquely apply to non-profit organizations.

When you retain us to create the non-profit organization and obtain recognition from the IRS of its tax-exempt status, you are getting much more than documents. You receive a comprehensive consultation to make sure you understand formation options and governance options. You won't get this from lawyers who are not experienced in non-profit organizations. And you won't get it from fill-in-the-blank paralegal services. We don't believe in "cookie cutters" when it comes to forming a tax-exempt organization.