Cause-Related Marketing and Sponsorships

Non-profit organizations nationwide look to Copilevitz & Canter, LLC, for knowledgeable advice and assistance with fund raising campaigns, cause-related marketing involving direct mailing, telemarketing, or Internet marketing. Other fundraising methods often used by non-profits include display of logos on credit cards, sweepstakes and charitable gaming.

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Comply With Federal and State Laws

We have extensive experience in federal and state laws which govern cause-related marketing campaigns, charitable sales promotions, commercial co-ventures, royalty license agreements, "affinity" card arrangements, and corporate sponsorships.

Corporate Sponsorships, Commercial Advertising and Charitable Contributions

These are arrangements which provide for a stream of income to the charity from a commercial entity. They can take the form of the commercial entity advertising that for each sale of a product or service, the commercial entity will make a charitable contribution in a certain amount to the charity identified in the advertisement.

Licensing and Logos

They also can take the form of a license from the charity to the commercial entity, such as a bank, to allow the bank to display the name and logo of the charity on a credit card or debit card. A portion of the sales volume on the card is rebated to the charity.

Sweepstakes, Raffles and Charitable Gaming

Our attorneys provide advice on federal and state laws which pertain to charities that engage in fund raising through sweepstakes, raffles, "Monte Carlo" nights, bingo, and other forms of charitable gaming, regulated by federal and state laws.

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