Other Non-Profit Organizations

Copilevitz & Canter LLC is also nationally recognized for its legal services to non-profit organizations which are tax-exempt under sub-sections of Internal Revenue Code 501 other than 501(c)(3). While the term, "501(c)(3) organization," is most recognizable, there are approximately 30 other categories of tax-exempt organizations. They serve varied and vital purposes.

Non-Profit Organizations Other Than 501(c)(3) Organizations

They include such familiar types of organizations as trade associations and professional societies (501(c)(6)); civic leagues (501(c)(4)); social clubs (501(c)(7)); labor unions (501(c)(5)); fraternal beneficiary societies (501(c)(8)); domestic fraternal orders operating under the lodge system, e.g., Masons and Shriners (501(c)(10)); and veterans organizations (501(c)(19)). But we also have clients in lesser known categories, such as religious and apostolic communities (501(d)).

We provide advice on state and federal laws applicable to all of these types of organizations.

We provide advice to our "non-501(c)(3)" clients on the same basis as we provide advice to our 501(c)(3) clients. We can design a budget-based monthly retainer or provide "a la carte" services on an hourly billing basis.